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Kalungu District is bordered by Gomba District to the north, Butambala District to the northeast, Mpigi District to the east, Masaka District to the south and Bukomansimbi District to the west.The 'chief town' of the district, Kalungu, is located 21 kilometres (13 mi), by road, northeast of the city of Masaka, the largest metropolitan area in the sub-region. The coordinates of the district are:00 06S, 31 49E.


In 2002, the population of Kalungu District was estimated at about 160,700. As of January 2011, the current population of the district is increasing.

The total population of the district is distributed in households.  The population of Kalungu district forms a small percentage of the national population of 24,227,300 people. This implies that in every 150 people living in Uganda, one person is from Kalungu district. 

The Cultural institution

The cultural heritage of Kalungu district is associated with the Baganda tribe being the dominant among other tribes in that area. The Kiganda culture like many tribes in Uganda, has their leader as a King known as the "Kabaka" leader of all the baganda people.

The language spoken is Luganda a very common language in the whole of Uganda.

It should be observed that like the Toro, Bunyoro and Ankole, the Buganda people’s Kingdom is ruled  with heritable kings.


Kalungu District is a district in southern Central Uganda. It is named after the 'chief town' of the district, Kalungu, where the district headquarters are located.