Kalungu District lies in the Central region of Uganda, sharing borders with the District of Masaka and the Lake Victoria.The people of Kalungu being bordered by the Lake and the River Katonga practice mainly fishing from which they earn income to support their families for example paying school dues and providing basic materials for their house holds.

The department of fisheries Resources is mandated to ensure the sustainability of the Fisheries diversity and Resources at optimal levels and maintain their availability for both present and future generations

Fish production and marketing constitutes one of the important economic activities in the district. Most of the production is mainly for domestic consumption and for sale in the local markets.

The district provides a large market for fish coming from Lake Albert, Kyoga an Albert Nile and the large market has also been due to high demand for fish in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Uganda.

Fish production in the district is majorly categorized by fish farming, i.e. in medium sized ponds. The major species of fish cultured in the district include: Oreochomis niloticus (Nile Tilapia); cyprinus carpio (mirror carp); clarias gariepinus (cat fish).

The district has a high potential for fish farming (aquaculture) since it’s endowed with permanent springs; rivers that flow throughout the year; and very gentle sloping landscape which are major factors in pond sitting.