In 2002, the population of Kalungu District was estimated at about 160,700. As of January 2011, the current population of the district is increasing.

The total population of the district is distributed in households.  The population of Kalungu district forms a small percentage of the national population of 24,227,300 people. This implies that in every 150 people living in Uganda, one person is from Kalungu district. 

To formulate the present and future development programmes, there is need to know the size of the population, the population growth rate and quality of the people. The population growth should be in tandem with economic growth path and development if the district is to experience exponential growth trajectory.

The District population has continued to grow overtime. The censuses undertaken since 1980 to 2002 reveal that the District population grew steadily. The gender dimension in population growth reveal that the District will experience higher numbers of females compared to males. The trend line shows positive growth overtime for both male and female population.